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Do not allow yourself to be misled. It took ten years for me to get my first book done, Krim Times. The second one just took eight months! Thank you to all my beta readers who helped make it possible! But land area was up by nearly 5, standard region equivalents, to 88,, a record high. A couple of weeks ago, the Firestorm team announced that they planned to split the Second Life and OpenSim versions of their popular virtual world viewer.

Immersive technology means you are able to place yourself inside a world, not just to peer inside it. Like all of the tech industry, extended reality features a diversity imbalance — is this burgeoning XR sector a chance for us to finally build a diverse corner of technology? The Encore Escape grid will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock music festival in mid-august. Land area was up by 49 standard region equivalents, to 83, OpenSim grids also registered 6, new users this month, for a new total of , registered users.

Begin your day out on Discovery Grid, where the party starts at a. Pacific Time at discoverygrid. I plan to stay in Second Life and continue supporting my games and developing new products there until the lights go out. If you are a resident of Paris or visiting this week, check out the NewImages Festival.

I need you! OpenSim is a popular platform for educators, so traffic is routinely expected to drop during the summer months. Kitely rolled out its virtual private grid service at the beginning of the year. Today, I finally decided to try it out. The bottom line? The Utopia Skye OpenSim grid will be holding an art fair this month, and submissions will be accepted until June The gaming-themed Mobius Grid has introduced display names for its residents and is working to make the technology wider used within OpenSim, grid owner Roy Corr told Hypergrid Business.

The grid rolled out display names last year and was testing them on the hypergrid this spring. AviWorlds, the grid with the most ups and downs in the OpenSim metaverse, has changed course again.

Earning Avios

Citing a lack of users and decent hardware, High Fidelity has decided to pivot away from the consumer market to focus on serving enterprises and laid off a quarter of its staff this month. I miss having my own OpenSim place. Google Plus used to be a favorite place for grids and event organizers and residents to post announcements and discuss topics of interest to the community. OpenSim has suffered a number of shocks in the past year, with several significant grid closings in a row. Its successor, Islandz, closed earlier this year.

Virtual Highway shut down in December. In its ongoing quest to find a sustainable business model, the commercial AviWorlds grid is giving the no-hypergrid approach another go. The market currently delivers to different grids, both hypergrid-enabled and closed, private grids.

Instructions for how to configure the Kitely Market for closed grids are here. Company employees, or members of academic communities, will be able to experience the consequences of prejudices first-hand. Skakandy was the owner of the Lost Paradise grid, which he founded in The first annual OpenSim Fest officially opens its doors tomorrow, with musical performances tomorrow and this weekend, then a showcase of exhibits from 45 different grids in the OpenSim community running through April 6.

You know the scene. The sun is shining, people are sitting outside a coffee shop chatting and browsing, and you can hear birds chirping and the drone of distant traffic. Gloebit works roughly similar to PayPal. Metropolis, one of the oldest non-profit OpenSim grids, and the second most popular grid after OSgrid announced that it will be upgrading to the latest version of OpenSim at the end of the month.

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Read the full information document here. Ready Player One, based in a virtual reality world, took the award for best live action 3D feature and best stereography. That is even more prevalent within the Virtual Reality community. The month-long exposition, accessible to hypergrid visitors, officially opens on Tuesday, February 5 and runs through March 5. Residents will have ten days to wrap up any current projects. It was amazing — we broke the top 50!

GRID Traveler Trinity

You guys rock! For more information, check out this Kitely support thread. There are a lot of questions about how this will work. I will be posting a longer article tomorrow. A group that claims to be affiliated with the Anonymous hacktivist collective announced the launch of a new OpenSim grid on Saturday. Virtual reality is a hot topic in the field of science and technology. However, experts from the VR industry have different opinions. Between them, the respondents had visited nearly different grids, and named 43 different grids as their primary homes. The OpenSim Community Conference.

In the spirit of this incredible yearly festival, OpenSim Fest begins with our first festival starting in March The OpenSim Community Conference is this weekend, and you can check out the schedule here. Registration is free, and you can still register here. The hypergrid address is tanglegrid. This Colloquium is a free event — held on December 1, from a. Islandz, the successor to InWorldz, officially opened for business last week, writes Ryan Schultz. InWorldz, one of the most successful and longest-lasting commercial grids in the OpenSim ecosystem, closed in August due to financial problems.

InWorldz was one of the last remaining closed grids. Read the original festival announcement here. When we started OpenSim many years ago back with MW, lbsa71 and many others who have since drifted on , we had grand ambitions. Yes, it started as a fun tinkering project that we spun out of our original activities — understanding Second Life from the code we collected in libsecondlife. Since Google announced that they were shutting down their Google Plus social platform by end of next summer, organizers of OpenSim-related communities on that platform have begun searching for an alternative.

Google has announced today that it is shutting down the Google Plus social network for consumers. The platform has been popular for OpenSim users to share news about the hypergrid. The two new library branches will be CVL Hypergrid Resource Libraries with content designed to help people navigate virtual worlds across grids with various viewers.

Living in a field by reality attack

High Fidelity, the new virtual world platform started by Linden Lab founder Philip Rosedale, now allows its users to convert its virtual currency to real-world cash. Breadables creator oYo, formerly based on the now-defunct InWorldz grid, has found a new home — the Tag Grid. The True to Life horses have concluded a successful beta test and will be officially released this Friday, Sept. Elf Clan, one of the largest themed communities in OpenSim, has found a new home after the collapse of InWorldz. It will now be headquartered on OSgrid, with hypergrid linked locations on DigiWorlds, Kitely, and other hypergrid-enabled grids.

Full list of affiliated locations is here.

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