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The reason for the lopsidedness of the present Neptunian system is that Triton was captured well after the formation of Neptune's original satellite system, much of which would have been destroyed in the process of capture. Triton's orbit upon capture would have been highly eccentric, and would have caused chaotic perturbations in the orbits of the original inner Neptunian satellites, causing them to collide and reduce to a disc of rubble. Only after Triton's orbit became circularised could some of the rubble re-accrete into the present-day regular moons.

One of them postulates that Triton was captured in a three-body encounter.

Meet Hippocamp! Neptune's Smallest Moon Has a Name (and a Violent Past)

In this scenario, Triton is the surviving member of a binary Kuiper belt object [note 2] disrupted by its encounter with Neptune. Numerical simulations show that there is a 0. The Neptunian moons are listed here by orbital period, from shortest to longest. Irregular captured moons are marked by color. Triton, the only Neptunian moon massive enough for its surface to have collapsed into a spheroid , is emboldened. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The natural satellites of the planet Neptune.

See also: Name conflicts with minor planets. Play media. Main article: Triton moon.

Neptune - Neptune’s moons and rings |

Main article: Nereid moon. The Bond albedo, named after the American astronomer George Phillips Bond — , who originally proposed it, is the fraction of power in the total electromagnetic radiation incident on an astronomical body that is scattered back out into space. The Bond albedo is a value strictly between 0 and 1, as it includes all possible scattered light but not radiation from the body itself.

This is in contrast to other definitions of albedo such as the geometric albedo, which can be above 1. In general, though, the Bond albedo may be greater or smaller than the geometric albedo, depending on surface and atmospheric properties of the body in question. The dimensions of the five inner moons were taken from Karkoschka, The volumes of Larissa and Proteus were taken from Stooke Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Bibcode : PASP Bibcode : Sci Bibcode : Natur.

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Retrieved 24 October The Astronomical Journal. Bibcode : AJ Space Telescope Science Institute. Retrieved Mark Showalter's blog. New Scientist space web site. New Scientist. Retrieved 12 June Astronomie populaire in French. Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature. USGS Astrogeology.

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Cruikshank; Alessandro Morbidelli, eds. The Solar System Beyond Neptune. Archived from the original PDF on Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Retrieved 18 July Planetary Ring System. Springer Praxis Books. Geophysical Research Letters.

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Triton: Neptune's Odd Moon

Bibcode : ApJ Journal of Geophysical Research. Bibcode : JGR Moons of Neptune. Generally listed in increasing distance from Neptune. Triton Atmosphere Geological features Sky. Neptune trojans Rings of Neptune. Book Category Portal. Outline of Neptune. Kuiper belt Neptune-crossing minor planets.

Voyager 2 flyby. Fiction Mythology. Natural satellites of the Solar System. Once you've found it, use the detailed chart to spot Neptune in binoculars and telescopes. Neptune's position is shown for August 26, Click to download detailed charts for Neptune and Uranus. Its surface displays a peculiar netted or "cantelope" terrain and active cryovolcanoes. It's so cold there that nitrogen condenses as frost, brightening the moon's crust and making it an effective reflector of light.

Triton's steep inclination, paired with its retrograde motion around Neptune, make it appear to orbit in a broad ellipse without ever passing in front or behind the planet. It completes one orbit in 5. South is up. Bob King. Triton shines at magnitude Likewise Earth and its Moon. Observers can easily watch Triton circle about Neptune from one night to the next during its 5.

This panel shows the moon's positions south up around 10 p. CDT on the nights shown. Not Triton. You've got to see it with your own eyes to believe it. No planet to get in the way!

Neptune Moon Update – 14th Moon Named Hippocamp – for kids

You'll have lots of opportunities to see Triton with Neptune well placed now through December. My inch makes easy work of it. Remember to use high magnification and averted vision. The question remains of Triton's independent nature. Why does it rotate in the opposite direction of Neptune's rotation? Some astronomers think it's a refugee from the Kuiper Belt captured by Neptune's gravity. We do know this. One day, millions of years from now, Neptune's gravity will tear it to pieces.

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