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INR 8, INR 12, The prince recently constructed a personal 10 hole golf course for himself in the palace. However, a part of the palace is managed by the Taj Group as a heritage hotel in partnership with the family.

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Source: SelectRajasthan. The current heir of the royal family is former shooter and Arjuna Award winner, Princess Rajyashree Kumari. At present, she is the Chairperson of many charitable trusts in Rajasthan and is also the owner of the opulent palace and heritage hotel, Lalgarh Mahal. Source: AudreyAndThane. You may never get to live the royal life but you can soon experience it in all its splendour in the comforts of your living room.

You can catch the making here. Source: FableFeed 3. Source: GQ India 4. The Royal Family of Rajkot While most next-generation royals are converting ancestral properties into heritage hotels, the royal family of Rajkot is taking enterprise to a whole new level. In this article we have compiled a list of top ten Rajput kings who ruled over Northern India.

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They are: 1. King Bhoja Nearly A. Vijayasena A. Dharmapala A. Devapala A. Mahipala I A. Mahipala A. Yaso Varman Nearly A. Bhoja was the greatest ruler of the Parmaras who raised the power of his dynasty to an imperial rank.

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He has been regarded great both as a scholar and a successful commander. He fought many battles though he failed to conquer any territory except Konkan. He allied himself with the Kalachuri king Gangeyadeva and the Chola king Rajendra and invaded the kingdom of the Chalukya Jayasinha, attacked Malwa and plundered Dhara, Ujjain and Mandu. The attempt of Bhoja to conquer Gwalior was frustrated by Kirttiraja. His attempt to assert supremacy over Bundelkhand was foiled by the Chandela king, Vidyadhara. He also could not gain success against the Rashtrakutas of Kanyakubja and the Chauhanas of Nadol.

However, the Chauhana ruler of Sakambhari surrendered to him. Bhoja supported the Hindushahi ruler, Anandapala against Mahmud of Ghazni and gave shelter to his son Trilochanpala. He joined a confederacy of the Rajput-chiefs against the Turks and conquered Jhansi, Thaneswar, Nagarkot etc.

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Thus, he contributed to the defence of northern India against the incursions of the Turks. He did not succeed much against them except plundering Anhihvada once. While Bhoja was engaged in war, both in the east and the west with his neighbours, he died of a disease.

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  6. Thus, though Bhoja constantly engaged himself in battles, he failed to get much advantage. His permanent acquisition was only Konkan. Bhoja has become famous more by his scholarly persuits than by his conquests. The authorship of more than twenty -three books on varied subjects is ascribed to him. He was also a patron of arts and literature. He patronised scholars like Dhanapala and Uvata. He established many schools and a college at Dhara where students and scholars flocked for learning. He extended and beautified the city of Dhara and found a new city, Bhojapur near it where he constructed a large number of temples in honour of Siva.

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    All this has placed him in the rank of great rulers of medieval India. Bhoja was succeeded by Javasinha I.

    He sought help from the Chalukya king. Somesvara I, against the Kalachuris and the Chalukyas.

    He was overthrown by his enemies and it was only because of the help of king Someswara I that he could regain his throne. In return, he helped Somesvara I in his campaigns of the Deccan. His successors were Lakshmanadeva and Nara Varman respectively. Both of them fought against Chalukya Jayasinha Siddharaja of Gujarat for their existence. But Jayasingha Sidharaja, ultimately, succeeded in capturing Malwa in A. The Chaluky as ruled over Malwa for twenty years.

    Vindhya Varman fought against the Hoysala and Yadava rulers and once more established the prestige of the Parmaras in Malwa.